I found these questions in a magazine. I thought that they are really useful and fun. Just answer them it really makes you think!

1. How does your ideal day look like?

2. Do you know what you do very well in your work? and what are your weak spots?

3. Who inspires you? Which qualities does that person have?

4. How do you relax the most?

5. What makes you happy?

6. When was the last time that you stopped doing something? Why did you do that and do you have that more often?

7. Which compliments make you smile?

8. Is there someone who makes you jalouse and why is that person making you jalouse?

9. What are you afraid of?

10. What are you most proud of?

11. If money didn't matter what would you be doing right now? Why aren't you doing that?

12. What makes you upset and what do you want when you're upset?

13. What gives you energy?

14. Imagine this is your last day on earth. From all the things you haven't done, what do you regret the most?

15. Do you mostly make decisions from your head or your heart?

16. Which qualities don't you like about yourself and why?

17. What do you want to change about yourself? and why aren't you working on that now?

18. When was your first memories from when you were happy?

19. How do other people see you and do you see yourself the same way?

20. Which situations make you stressed? and which specific qualities play a part in that?

21. Which behaviour got you punished when you where little? Which talent is behind that?

22. Which three moments made you happy in your private life and which three moments made you happy in your school/work life?

23. Which advice would you give yourself when you were 12?, 15?, 17? now?

24. Did you awnser these question like a person who creates her / his own destiny or not ?

25. How do you want to be rememberd at your funeral?

Alright these are the questions. I'm dutch so please tell me if I made a mistake. The questions are bold because I want to awnser these questions myself one day.

Hope you like the questions