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A Season: Winter
I really like cold weather, it makes me really happy and i don't know why.
I love the christmas vibes like everyone and i' the laziest girl ever so i like to be lying in bed with a big mug of hot chocolate,(beacuse i don't like coffe) watching a movie or a tv show, covered with a large and thick blanket.
As well winter ouftits are the cutest.
Winter nights are the best.

fashion, outfit, and winter image book, coffee, and cozy image Image by Zeyad M. Elbadway

A City: Paris
i know a little bit cliché.
I really wanted to say a really cool beach city, but i really loved Paris i have really good memories and feelings there, i felt in love with the city so i can say really good things about it because i've been there. i want to study college there or at least live there someday.

paris, coffee, and breakfast image paris, light, and france image

A Holiday: Christmas
Everyone loves christmas, i guess.
Delicious and a lot of food, family reunited, the smells, love, cozy and cold weather also the christmas decorations are so nice, it makes me so happy and loving.

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A Flower: Hibiscus
i love tropical vibes and tropical things, i love the beach which is ironic because i said i love cold weather but i mean i love ccold weather in my city if i'm in a beach city i love hot weather, i'm weird idk.

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A Feeling: Silly
I'm so distracted and funny and a lot of more things that makes me silly.

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A Song: Clay- Grace VanderWaal
"Your silly words
I won't live inside your world
'Cause your punches and your names
All your jokes and stupid games
They don't work
No, they don't hurt
Watch them just go right through me
Because they mean nothing to me
I'm not clay"

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A Movie: The DUFF
Sometimes or most of the time i feel so ugly and i feel that i'm the duff, i don't have really good luck with boys or love.
This movie always makes me feel better and it gives me hope to find love.

the duff and bella thorne image robbie amell, mae whitman, and the duff image

A TV show: Anne with an e
"Girls can do anything a boy can do and more"

anne with an e image anne with an e image gif, anna dai capelli rossi, and Gilbert image gilbert blythe, anne with an e, and anne shirley image

An animal: Dog (Chihuahua)
i don't know why but most of my friends say that i'm like a chihuahua maybe beacuse i'm small, funny and loving.

chihuahua and dog image