the world is so magical and has so much to offer in every country, every island, every streets in the most tiny village, so let's discover it!
I've made a travel bucket list through the years and here are the places i want to visit the most :

1- Canada

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we must protect this beautiful country! it has so much diversity and is a major resource to the world. i love nature and also big cites, that's why i want to live in Vancouver, BC


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this island is the perfect destination to refresh your mind and reconnect with yourself. it seems so peaceful, as paradise on earth!


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i love this counrty for its culture, its language, its cities... i really want to go on a road trip around the big cities in Italy

4- Westcoast of America

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i honestly want to visit evey part of america but I personaly love the Westcoast! I dream about Los Angeles, the big woods of Oregon and Las Vegas


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Amsterdam is a city full of little streets and bikes, which are two things i absolutly love! It also carries a lot of history, as Anne Frank's


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i love Russia for not belonging to (correct me if i'm wrong) any type of culture (european one, asian one...) it has its own and it is what make Moscow city beautiful, especially during winter

7-South Africa

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I think people don't realise how beautiful Africa is. South Africa looks like heaven! I'm jealous because my boyfriend had the chance to live in these beautiful landscapes. I also want to visit this country as I'm mad about lions and savana


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I want to visit the pyramids and go on an adventure riding a Camel. This country is so ancient and that's what I like about it

9- The Philippines

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i don't know if you noticed, but most of my destinations are cold countries, as I don't really fantasize about dreamy islands and hot weather. But I can't pass on The Philippines! I love those big rocks and would love to go scuba diving in this clear water

10- Norway

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last but not least : breathtaking Norway! I love all scandinavian country but Norway has the reputation to be the World's best place to live. The beauty of landscapes, kindness of people and its houses originality make Norway one of my favorite destination

I also want to visit Australia, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Poland, China, Mongolia... and many more!

Hope you liked my article and that you now have new destinations to add to your bucket list.

I'm new on writing articles, so it would be nice if you could check my previous article and tell me what you think about my article or my writing (english is not my first language btw) :

thank you!

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