hello ! welcome to my first article. riverdale is absolutely one of my favorite tv shows ! I saw these "if i was a character in riverdale" and i thought it was cool to do one.


Vivienne Lodge


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has brown eyes, straight black hair, slim and fit body, short, and has a little bit of freckles.

Vivienne is Veronica's little sister by just 11 months. Her parents are Hermione and Hiram Lodge. Vivienne and Veronica are really close and they are inseparable. They used to lived in New York but came to Riverdale and Vivienne wanted to go since she didn't want to leave Veronica by herself. She attends Riverdale High School.


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my style is whatever that's trendy. I like satin tops/dresses, striped pants, black jeans, lace tops/dresses, off the shoulder shirts, cami tops, etc. My go-to color is dark like black, olive green and also happy colors like white, pink, yellow, etc.


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i like having necklaces because they're so chic. my nails are nude, a ligh color, or clear. I love wearing sunglasses. i like wearing heels but sometimes i wear vans or nike.


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in my room, i have this king size bed with lots of fluffy pillows. i also have my own bathroom. i have my stationery desk where i do work and all. i have my closet and in the side, i have my mirror and my table for my makeup.


i'm a very friendly person who is sweet and kind. I'm very chill but i do have a happy side of me. I smile a lot because smiling is such an amazing feeling :) i'm a very funny girl who makes everyone laugh. I do have a bad side, i do get sad and angry at my dad for the work he does. i can get upset if you hurt my feeling, but i'm a forgiving person. i love making new friends and making everyone feel welcome.

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my interests are reading lots and lots of books, photography and taking pictures, listening to music (my favorite genres are 80's rock and alternative), and writing in my journal.


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I am a riverdale vixen at riverdale high with my sister veronica, cheryl, betty, toni, and josie.


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of course my sister Ronnie. We're really close and we spent most of our time together since we connect easily.
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Betty is one of my closest friends since Ronnie and Betty are best friends. I can talk to her about anything.
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since Archie Andrews is dating my sister, Ronnie, he's basically at our house. He's an amazing boyfriend for my sister.
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we're the smarty pants in the group, so great minds think alike. since betty is a close friend and jug is archie's best friend, we also good friends.
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cheryl is also one of my closest friends. We are very good friends since i'm on the riverdale vixens. I also ship her and toni. <3


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my dad is hiram lodge and my mom is hermione lodge. my dad and i don't really along with each other since he is a "criminal" and does terrible things to riverdale. my mom, in other hand, is super close with me and loves me a lot.

Love Interest

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in the beginning, we didn't like each other because of our differences but we needed to work together and we actually realize that we're not so different and had things in common. read more below for our story.

Our Story

reggie mantle and I were different. he's the captain of the football and kinda work for my dad so that automatically makes me want to not like him. i, in the other hand, is the captain of volleyball and since volleyball and football are in the same season, we're kinda competitive. When I saw him with my dad one day, I couldn't bare to look at him. I told him why is he working for my dad? He said that my dad call him to deliver "something secretive". Later that night, I talked to my dad about the "something secretive". He told me to stay out of it. I couldn't, I didn't want Reggie to get hurt by him and his next "plans". I called Reggie later that night to meet me and tell him the whole truth of my dad and the secretive stuff. He was in shock and stopped working for my dad. My dad didn't mind that he dropped because he knew I told him. Reggie thanked me for getting him out of my dad's work. He decided to pay it back by him taking me out on a date. I didn't want to said no. We became close after Reggie quitting on my dad. After a few days, he asked me if i wanted to go out with him. I mean, archie and veronica are together. Archie and Reggie are great buds and veronica and I are sisters. See the circle right there ? Plus, there's betty and jughead. I said yes. My dad, though, he didn't approve the message. He thought he wasn't good enough for me since he quit on him. My mom talked to him and so did my sister. He finally approve and in that moment, I realized that maybe he had some good on him. I thought so when in the end of the chaos happened when they arrested the black hood and archie was arrested, I knew that my dad, Hiram, had something to do with it. So that's our little love story.

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hope you enjoy my first article ! more articles on the way ! hope you enjoy and i hope you have a wonderful day :)

- carol <3