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A Season: Autumn

I love absulutely everything about autumn, the colours, how the air smells, movies I get to watch, the clothes I wear and the atmosphere! It's when I'm the most productive and I cannot wait for it to come!

book, study, and candle image autumn, house, and fall image dog, autumn, and fall image Halloween, fall, and movie image

A City: Paris

I feel like this is such obvious answer for many people, but even though I only spent three days in Paris, I fell in love with it.

champion image paris, city, and sky image fun, sky, and sunset image versailles, vintage, and chandelier image

A Holiday: Halloween

I know we don't celebrate it but I still love the chill it gives me

Halloween, pumpkin, and donuts image Image removed

A Color: Lilac

cloud, moon, and pink image background, wallpaper, and tumblr image

A Flower: Cactus

I know it's not technically a flower but I love them

cupcake, cactus, and food image cactus, plants, and green image

A Feeling: Fatigue

Mature image aesthetic, alternative, and depression image

A Song:

I can feel the tears coming already.

A movie: Matilda

Is there a person who watched this as a kid and hadn't fallen in love?

book, matilda, and quotes image funny and matilda image

A TV Show: A series of unfortunate events

I'm starting to realize I seem to like things where kids take matters into their own hands and adults are most of the time those you cannot trust.

A Series of Unfortunate Events and netflix image A Series of Unfortunate Events, series, and Violet Baudelaire image

An Animal: Dog

Someone please get me a dog asap.

dog, animals, and mountains image animals, black, and boys image

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