Hi guys, I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, last time was at my bday, the 7th of June but I've been kind of busy because I studied a lot for my summer exams at the university. Also I passed a bad period of my life which is not completely over yet, and also my pc broke so I'm currently using my brother's one, bc I don't think I will be able to buy a new one for now.

So I definitely want to come back, but I can't promise a lot of posts and articles are still happening. Thanks for waiting me and for your support.

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So, today I wanted to do the summer vibes tag, because we are in the middle of the summer, my fav season and I thought I would be so much fun.

1. What do you love about summer ?

aesthetic, greek, and artistic image light, shine, and ☀ image
The sun goes down later
body, nails, and outfit image accessories, accessory, and bracelet image outfit image fashion, style, and outfit image
Light clothes
Image by h a n n a h summer, girl, and beach image beach, beautiful, and blue image beach, summer, and sun image
Sun, seaside, adventures

2. Describe summer in four images.

aesthetic, bikini, and food image Image by ˗ˏˋ 𝒶𝓁𝑒𝓍𝒶 𝓂 𝒶 𝓇 𝒾 𝑒 ˊˎ˗ Image by heyy Image by A L E X A N D R A🌻

3. Fav summer outfit ?

fashion, summer, and denim image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, girl, and braid image fashion, style, and outfit image
Jean shorts and cute tops

4. Fav summer drink ?

coffee, drink, and ice image coffee, drink, and food image
Iced coffee in the morning
alcohol, bar, and cocktail image corona, drink, and vans image
Bier at night

5. Fav vacation place ?

girl, summer, and travel image girl, travel, and dinner image
Italy (positano in the pics)
holidays, ocean, and summer image Image removed
Greece (santorini in the pics)

6. Fav summer quote ?

autumn, quotes, and summer image waves, beach, and ocean image

7. Fav ice-cream flavor ?

food, ice cream, and chocolate image Image removed
Hazelnut (italian gelato, not ice-cream actually)

8. Suimsuit or bikini?

beach, summer, and bikini image body, fashion, and summer image beach, bikini, and body image summer, girl, and beach image
Bikini !

9. What do you dislike about summer ?

Image by || GHADIR || swimwear and tan image
Mosquitos, sweat, feeling tired and lazy.

10. Fav movie to watch in the summer ?

netflix, bath, and wine image coffee, headphones, and bed image
I don't think I have a fav movie to watch only in the summer, so I'm just going to name my fav movies lately : the open house, 1922, reversal, david's secret.

11. Fav food to eat during the summer?

Image by KASSANDRA Temporarily removed
A lot more of fruit and veggies
boho, broccoli, and classic image amazing, cibo, and grilled image
Light pasta recipes

12. Fav thing to do with your family and friends ?

adventure, aesthetic, and beach image Image removed quotes, adventure, and grow image love, couple, and car image
Travelling, going to the seaside, the river, the lake, new cities and places. I love adventures and live in the nature.

13. Are you travelling this summer ?

beautiful, book, and girls image Image by ひnapologetic
Still don't know ! Nothing big.

14. Fav book to read ?

beach, blacksea, and book image beach, shades, and story image
Can't have a fav. I've just finished 'A broken woman' - Simone de Beauvoir.

15. Fav summer memory ?

couple, goals, and aesthetic image crazy, grunge, and neon image aesthetic, beauty, and boyfriend image Image by rongb nature, photography, and water image friends, night, and summer image
All my trips, my 18th birthday and my bf's 18th birthday, crazy nights.

Thank you so much for reading up untile this point ! All my followers are tagged for this article and enjoy your summer
Next articles are coming soon