Accessories are key to make your outfits pop and sometimes it can be difficult to find the pieces of jewelry, belts, sunglasses or bags that you want. Whether they're trendy, classic or indie... etc. So this article is here to help you.

Online shops

This is an easy place to find a range of pieces and trendy items.

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Clothing sites such as Zara, H&M, Forever21, Urban Outfitters and a lot of others always have a jewelry, bags and sunglasses section on their website.

Other sites such as Romwe, Shein, Zaful, Amazon and eBay sell a lot of accessories too but always make sure to check the reviews since they may not be what they seem like online. Make sure to do this, especially if you're looking for any designer dupes.

In store

If some of the online shops I mentioned or others that you like have stores and you'd rather see/ try them in real life make sure to check some out there.

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The stock is sometimes lower in store than online but sometimes sizes in belts on rings can be hard to find so if you're someone who struggles to find the right sizes I would recommend you to go to a store and look for some accessories there.

Social media

Many social media sites/ apps have promoted posts that could catch your attention.

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Social media sites can have ads/promoted posts designed especially for you since they take information from accounts you follow and third-party apps/websites you might use. Often on Instagram, the promoted posts will be music or fashion related.

If you're looking for trendy or indie accessories that is a really good way to easily find them. These posts should often have a website they will link it back to so you can see the pricing of the item.


Many YouTubers will do clothing hauls and will link their outfits down in their description.

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Their video might be sponsored which will often mean that they will also provide a discount code for their viewers but you should trust whoever you're watching to give you an honest review of the product. If the video isn't sponsored it doesn't matter.

Youtubers often pick from a range of different websites and there are tonnes of videos that will hopefully help you find what you want.

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Hopefully, this has helped a little bit and you can also use these tips to find some accessories for other seasons.

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