Hey y'all I'm back and it's been probably a month or so since I wrote an article but anyways since I'm bored and summer is coming up, this article is going to be about what I'm going to do during summer or you could make it as a list of what you should do during this summer. Super sorry, didn't write an article for a pretty long time. Anyways, you could now enjoy!

During one of my weekends I wrote a list of stuff I'm going to do for summer and now I'm going to show everyone that's reading this what I'm going to do. (I felt like I just repeated this 10 times).

Here you go the list:
- study a new language (just know a few words and some basic stuff)
- do sports
- stay active on social medias
- watch movies every Friday night
- read the next school year's textbooks
- read Wattpad
- review all the things I learned
- practice writing
- practice solving math problems
- face mask
- declutter and organize my stuff for the next school year
- write a summer diary
- try different flavors of ice cream
- swim
- go on a road trip
- go to the beach
- travel
- explore the city
- do random DIYs
- go school supplies shopping
- watch study videos
- read books
- hangout with friends
- go to the mall
- download all the things you need for the next school year
- get a lot of rest
- eat healthy but tasty
- watch YouTube
- start bullet journaling
- listen to a lot of music

There's so many things to do for the summer and as you know, if you used your precious time to read the whole list, I am a study freak because I'm planning to beat everyone single person in my class (scores) next school year. The lists aren't fully organized as in to school stuff, relaxation, hangouts, ... because I'm kinda lazy... you get me. I hope I'm a little bit more organized though because you know things are always better when things are organized.

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That's it for now and wait for my next article. I don't know when though because you know, everyone wants a perfect summer, even though nothing is perfect. Although I'll try to be as productive as possible to make my mind in my next articles. Thanks and baiiiiii....

Again, I felt like my list is too long