I do not own any images unless expressively written, but I own all rights to my characters and story. This is just something for me to keep my characters organised. Contains no spoilers :D

There's 7 of them so this won't be expansive for each of them but rather an overview of the Miyagi family. I've chosen to go in order of birth.

1. Takumi

  • age at start of bk1: 25
  • occupation: actor
  • fave colour: bright blues and greens
  • fave animal: hawks
  • hobby: swimming
  • pic:
aesthetic, asian, and attractive image

2. Nagomi

  • age at start of bk1: 23
  • occupation: florist, occasionally works w/ Sari Ellington (Paige's mother)
  • (working on the 'perfect fragrance' to market)
  • fave colour: purple
  • fave animal: red panda
  • hobby: archery
  • pic:
girl, korean, and _dropin image

3. Yuu (Sterling)

  • age at start of bk1: 20
  • occupation: barista
  • fave colour: white
  • fave animal: whale shark
  • hobby: piano
  • pic:
aesthetic, alternative, and asian boy image

4. Akane (Lucina)

  • age at start of bk1: 18
  • occupation: modelling
  • fave colour: RED
  • fave animal: red fox
  • hobby: partying/nightlife
  • pic:
model image

5. Kiyoshi

  • age at start of bk1: 15
  • occupation: studying law
  • fave colour: matte brown
  • fave animal: koi fish
  • hobby: tasting new cake flavours
  • pic:
girl, asian, and icon image

6. Kenshin

  • age at start of bk1: 15
  • occupation: studying engineering
  • fave colour: orange
  • fave animal: tiger
  • hobby: basketball
  • pic:
korean, ulzzang, and asian image

7. Noboru

  • age at start of bk1: 12
  • occupation: studying game design
  • fave animal: chinchillas
  • fave colour: neon colours, esp. neon yellow
  • hobby: comic books and video games
  • pic:
asian, boy, and icon image

Family Dynamic

  • Nagomi is considered the most successful of the kidz and will probs take over as the family head
  • Kiyoshi and Kenshin are twins who constantly go shopping together, they later make a habit of meeting up at Yuu (Sterling)'s cafe
  • Noboru is kind of a shut-in and uses all his lunch money on new games
  • Akane (Lucina) looks up to Takumi and practices lines w/ him
  • Yuu doesn't realise how much he inspires his other siblings, he assumed they all rejected him for leaving but really they missed him
  • Even though Takumi is the oldest and self-proclaimed the most mature, Yuu is often picked on and called 'granddad'
  • Akane introduced Noboru to Paige and they have their own RPG guild online. Paige is secretly really good and only Noboru knows but no one believes him
  • Whenever one of Takumi's plays or movies premieres, the whole family shows up and sits in the front row to support him


Sterberry (Sterling Pruitt/Yuu Miyagi)
Lulu (Lucina Ferris/Akane Miyagi
The whole Miyagi crew

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed learning about the Miyagi family. If you wanna know a bit more, feel free to check out the articles I made for Sterling and Lucina (linked above). Overall, I think they're pretty interesting and quite the lively bunch.
Coming from such a successful family comes with high expectations and when you're walking the trapeze called life, there's a lot of people down below waiting to see you fall. I think their family represents not just independence and originality but also keeping your chin up and the importance of having people rooting for you.
I like how this turned out and I plan to do more but in the meantime, be on the lookout for my upcoming (full-length) novel, the first in the series, On Waxed Wings! I'll be releasing it soon and I cannot wait!