Some days you've had enough and you want to end it, end it all, the pain, the emotion.
But you have someone in your life you couldn't bare leaving behind, you couldn't put them through the struggle and pain of having to loose you.
But you're too hurt to feel the emotion of others and understand how much it will hurt them.
You just think you are being selfish and inconsiderate of others and you're too wrapped up in your own life too notice that....
but you don't realise that there's more then one person who cares about you, and who would be so empty inside and more miserable then you ever were if you end your life.
What about Your mum? She was always there for you even if some days she made you feel so worthless and made you feel like you aren't worth a place in her life.
Or your siblings? Sure they are annoying but can you imagine them waking up one day and finding out their sister or brother had killed them self.
And your teachers at school... they held a meeting about you and every one of those teachers broke down in tears because they were thinking about that one quiet kid in class who never knew the answer to the question. They felt guilty because they didn't help you they didn't know you were hurting because you were so darn good at hiding how you felt. You hid away your tears and pain behind a fake smile that was to blinding and beautiful that anyone would think you were perfect.
But you felt other wise. You felt the pain...You felt the way that no one should.
You were the one that killed them self and thought no one would care.
Yet the funeral that was held by your mother that was paid with every dollar she owned was full of people. People you thought didn't care, did care. But now it's too late for you to know all this.
These people feeling sorry for you and telling you that they did care and they could've helped you if you asked, mean nothing to you anymore because you're gone. You will never know who turned up to you're funeral you'll never know the pain people went through when they found out that you killed yourself.

You matter... Always remember that!

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