this article will be about me. i'm lonely, yes i have "friends" that remind about me only when they just need my help,they kinda using me and worse here is here is that i understand this i let them give. i have lot of problems and all of them are around one thing...i just can't find my place here, i just don't have a fried to share this and this hurt so much. sick and tired t cry every day,tired to hiding this tears behind fake smile but i haven't another one came to me and will not say " i love you,real you"tired to imagine "mine real friends" in my head and speak to myself to feel better.i'm so lost and nothing will help me.only bc around me isn't real friend which will help me to get stronger than i'm now. for that i haven't any feelings and sometimes i'm so happy that i'm lonely cas no one will hurt me again.and all this time i was crying that i tell the truth... all the time that i was typing this((