I met you two years ago. I remember that day so fucking well. We went home from Dublin. We were talking together and I knew that we will be friends. When I came home I wrote to you and you were happy that I wrote to you. It was the best thing which I ever done. We were texting every day and I liked you. One day when you wrote me that you have a girlfriend I realized that I love you and I'm jealous of her. When you had her you didn't need me and she didn't like me then we canceled with writing. I was broken because you understood me, you helped me when I needed you. I never thought that I will have person like you. I love you but you didn't knew it. One day when your girlfriend was angry at you, you wrote to me. I helped you with her because you were my everything and I wanted you to be happy. She forgave you, you were happy again and I cried because I loved you. But when your girlfriend broke up with you, you wrote to me again. You were broken and I helped you, again. We decided to go to Dublin. I was so fucking happy for that. You wrote me that I'm your best friend because I always helped you, I always understood you, I'm always with you... I thought that when we will be in Dublin everything will change and we will be something more than just best friends. I was wrong. You came to me and you said that you like one girl there, then I helped you with her. You were together, you were happy. I liked your new girlfriend but when we came back home she started arguing with you. You were so so sad and you wrote me what was happen. I was there for you. You was happy that I'm always with you. One day you wrote me that you love me so much. I was surprised. I said I love you too but your next message was "It was just a joke" and I started crying. We started arguing you much. You said that I'm only a girl who don't know what love is. I was angry at you so much. You didn't know what I did for you, what I felt to you, you knew nothing. I cried every day, every night and you didn't care. Three days later you wrote me that you didn't mean it, you just wanted to know if I will talking to you after that. I was angry at you so fucking much. You said you love me, you didn't want hurt me, you didn't want to lose me, you were sorry for it, you wanted be with me but distance is bitch. After that you went to Canada for half a year. I met a boy who said to me that he loves me and i fell in love with him. You said he isn't good for me but I didn't listening you, I was in love. You didn't know him but you knew he is a dick. I didn't want to listen to you because I thought you were just jealous. Maybe you were jealous I don't know but you were right. He hurts me so much and I came to you because only you understood me and you know me very well. You found a girlfriend in Canada, you were happy with her. You said she is the best thing in your life. I was broken but I was happy that you were happy too. Now you are already home and your girlfriend broke up with you. I helped you with her. I already want to be with you but I don't know what you feel right now. I just want you to know I'm always here for you and I always will. I always care about you. I think about you every day. I want you here with me. You always have a part of my heart and you always will. Maybe someday in the future we will be already together. I love you Iggy and I always will.
Love, Leuška