Tonight is your 1 year anniversary and you want tonight to be special with Jesse. You went out and bought a brand new dress and a new shoes to go with it. The dress is short and black and hugs your curves tightly, it accentuates your shape perfectly. You put on some clear glittery lip gloss and a beautiful red heels. You let your hair down, so it flows down right under your breasts. As you spray your perfume, the doorbell rings. You quickly pick up your clutch purse and you head over to the door.
As you open the door, there Jesse is standing in awe looking at you. He stares for a while then holds your hands and spins you around. He stops again and stares and proceeded to say "I still can't believe you're all mine", you giggle as you shut the door behind you.
After the date
On your way back home, you still notice Jesse looking at you every chance he gets. You can't help but smile and look out the window, even after a year, he still manages to make you feel so special and give you butterflies. When Jesse pulls up the curb at your house and you were about to hop out the car, he holds your hand one more time and looks at you and says "I love you, you know that right", you nod your head and blush and replied " I love you too". As you turned again to get out of the car, you glimpsed at him one more time and asked if he would like to come in for a little bit since the night was still young. Though he was hesitant, he hopped out with you and you both went inside.
You took some wine glasses out of your cabinets and poured some champagne for the both of you, then you sit and you both talk for a little while.
After about a half an hour of talking, Jesse leans in to kiss you. You hold his face as it gets intense by the second, soon after, you're sitting on his lap and he's pulling at your dress.
He laid you down on the couch, and he began to unstrap your shoes.
He hung himself over your body, as he allowed his hand to run up and caress your thighs. Your head tilts back a little in pleasure and you bite your lips. He kisses you softly on your neck and places his hand on your breast.
You jumped a little and you sat up. You wrapped your hands around his neck as he lifted you off the couch and you said "Let's go to my room"
He gently placed you on the bed and took off his shirt, you looked at him smirkingly and bit your lips to tease him. He came over you once more and whispered, "This would be our first time together" then you replied "This is going to be my first time ever"
Jesse down at you in shock, and asked "y/n, you've never, you know...."
You said "Nope" as you bowed your head in slight embarrassment. Jesse raised your chin to him and kissed you hard. he pulled off your dress leaving you in nothing but your lace underwear, soon after you unbuckle his pants and you feel his length between your legs as you started to shake. He brushed his fingers along your waist and held on to your thigh, he whispered "Let me know what you like"
His lips then made its way down to your breasts and they started sucking on them, his other hand rested right upon your entrance and he slowly and gently rubs it. Your moans start to escape little by little. He pulled your little lace panties off and kissed all the way down to your entrance, without hesitation, he started to eat you out nice and fast, your legs trembling by his face and your hands holding on to his hair. Finally your back arches and you feel yourself cum while letting out a very loud moan, he looks up at you and smiles, then he released his length between your legs and looks at you " This might hurt a little, but you must trust me okay" ... you nodded your head as he not so gently pushed his length into you. Your moans are now louder and louder, and a tear trickled to the side of your face, your hands gripped on his shoulder. He held your hands and pinned them to the bed, slowly pulling back out his length, then slams into you one more time and makes your body tense up, then he started stroking in and out of you slowly. His lips meet with your breasts once more and your hands are entwined in his hair also. You wrap your legs around him and you pull his length into you once more.

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