i'm finally making my first ever article on here after years of being a silent user here.
I don't really know what to say apart from hello, i'm kate and super excited to be here and finally get the courage to put myself out there a little and post.

a little about me
i'm 16 years old, my hobbies consist of reading books, llistening to music and writing articles, poetry and stories (that i never published and never will because i'm trying to keep my reputation above low). i'm an open-minded, mostly positive and cheerful person and an extrovert, even though i like my solitude sometimes.
i'm learning to love myself and speak italian haha.

social media
my tumblr is in my description but i don't use it as much anymore. my instagram is @altaebionda and my twitter is @blondiebloncka

talk to me holy hell, i'm so alone this summer. my friends abandoned me and went away for summer break :( every message is welcome with open arms:)

that's all i've wanted to say in my first article, i promise to get better at everything(adding pictures etc.) and yeah. stay tuned for a piece of me, my mind and thoughts. or don't, lol. i wouldn't be mad tbh.