Was a witch, very old with white hair and few teeth and she was about to kill the frog.Nervous, the girl threw the knife that hit her in the left hand. The frog saw this opportunity to run.Safe in the woods, the girl apologized to the frog.
- I am sorry, I should’ve listened to you.
- Of course, Stupid Creature-the frog said- I almost got killed.
- Sorry...I’ll listen to you from now on.You are certainly more wise than me and have more experience in the forest.
- Oh my, don’t say...Well, I guess that, because I am more wise than you,Stupid Creature, you shall call me Master.
- Fair enough.
The girl smiled and asked the frog to sing the song from the river where they first met. One hour later, they found a taver.
-Shall we enter?- she asked.
- Sorry,could you repeat?
- I said, Shall we enter?
The frog didn’t answered.
- Arrghhh... Shall we enter, Master?
Well, unless you have money with your, we can’t just enter and ask for food.
The girl searched in her pockets but nothing. So she an idea. The frog would sng and she would collect the money from people. The frog sat on a wall and started singing. People started gathering around them and after two songs they got ten coins which they spent to pay the meals. The y ladyof the tavern was impressed by their effort and offered them an extra meal. The girl asked her if she knew how to leave the forest, the lady answered the only one who knew was the Hearts Thief. The girl got curious about him and asked more about him. The lady said they knew few about him: was a mysterious young boy that appeared alone in the forest by himself.He is known as the Hearts Thief because he makes girls fall in love with him and then breaks their hearts. Some say the literally takes their hearts out of their chests, but those were just rumors people told to scare young girls.
When the girl with blue eyes and the frog were about to leave a stranger behind nder a wet blanket entered. The lady whispered he was the Hearts Thief.He sat on a corner and frog went right straight to him. The girl called him but the frog ignored her,so she just followed him.
- May I help you?- asked the boy while looking at the girl with his deep green eyes.
The frog answered saying they wanted to leave the forest and that they were told he was the only one that knew how. The boy said that in fact he really did come outside of the forest but he didn’t remember exactly how, but he knew someone who could help them and he could lead them to his acquaintance for ten coins of gold.The girl wasn’t sure if they could trust hm, he seemed suspicious. The frog explained:
- We spent the money on the tavern, ut in the way we can pay you. I’m a singer frog so we’ll get the money while the devil blinks an eye.
- Okay then!- agreed the boy- Let’s get down to business.

To be continued...