• day fourteen; the letter to my reflection in the mirror.

I am scared to death by mirrors. In the whole darkness, through my apartment to the bathroom, in the hallway is the large mirror. Oh, hello my beautiful reflection, I am afraid, but it is the time to you to know the truth.

I always twist my hand from the switch when I glance at this mirror, afraid that someone will stare at me through the glass, from the alternate universe. Yes, my reflection, I almost forgot about your presence in here. I quite often stop near the mirrors in our flat and view myself in one of it, smiling wide at my reflection in all thirty-two, I relating myself with real superstar announced his appearance on the massive stage or even supermodel in front of dozens of photographers and flash of cameras, changing various poses, outfits, that later will shimmer, gloss and twinkle under the soft and, surely, bright dazzle lights of soffits, and different facial expressions. I have to admit, this feeling is truly inexplicably staggering. It came from my childhood, after a long journey, obviously.

I can ask myself, what else I need a mirror for? As an option, a meticulous search for my own shortcomings. However, it is absolutely not for me and not about me. Even if I notice and recognize my own shortcomings, then I simply grin at them and do not attach special importance to them, they can always be fixed. As you can see, reflection, I am at the same time find myself fascinated by your natural essence, and your whole being intimidates me with its appearance, it cannot be compared with the fact, that my false feelings are seething inside me. My dear reflection, do you even know how to read? Then, you are a remarkable and miraculous being, so, I owe you a 'thank you' for your existence. Alright, be safe, meet me tomorrow, near that mirror in my sister's room.


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