Because it was so fun to make the first part, I decided to make one another. And they wan't have anything to do with each-other, so don't worry :)

If you wanna read the "first part" too, here is a link:

So let's begin!

And also: There may come some spoilers, so don't read it if you're not at season 7 yet.


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My name would be Saga Salvatore. I would have changed my name from Victoria to Saga, because I didn't liked "Victoria" and also there were too much past to it.

A little about my family:

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I have two brothers named Damon and Stefan Salvatore. They doesn't know that I'm alive. But when I was 17 years old my brother, Stefan, turned into a vampire and drank my blood until I died. He just didn't knew that I had vampire blood inside of me. I didn't knew eather, but well... I found out. But anyway. My brother also killed my father and my mother isn't alive eather. But right now I know that my brothers is in Mystic Falls, so I'm gonna go there and surprise them.


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Born in Mystic Falls in the 1800's and have been 17 years old since Stefan turned me.

Humanblood or animalblood:

blood, red, and gore image Image by pain.


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I have a story with Kold Mikaelson. But it's over now.


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Kinda a loner. I had one friend, but then Niklaus killed her. That's also the reason why Kol and I is no longer together. I got so angry that I turned my human-"botton" off, but it's on again now.


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Katherine Pierce.


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Right now it's a little complicated. I still love Kol, but I don't know what to do.


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Back in the time I loved to wear big (but not too big) and light dresses. Now I like to wear a little retro clothes.


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Long, thick and brown hair with some natural beach-curls in it. Big smile and honeybrown eyes. Clean skin. About 165 centimeters. A little skinny.


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I used to be really funny. Always partying and laughing. But after everything with Kol (which is about two months ago) I became really sad.


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Blood. Travelling. Food.


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Taking pictures.

So that's it! I hope you liked it and thanks for reading :) <3

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