I am back with a new tag! Yay, I love answering questions and discovering new Tags! Let's begin! Enjoy.

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A for Age

almost 17

B for Best Feature

my ambition

C for Color

well thats a tough one… But, blue!

D for Dream

being able to travel as much as I can, making it a part of my future career

E for Everyday Starts With

water and a smile

F for Favorite

dancing! (basically anything artistic, fun and active)

G for Goal

finding a career which I enjoy and live by.

H for Hometown

it's sadly not a big, big city, but it's home.

I for In Love With

inspiring people and being happy

J for Job

if only I knew…

K for Kids

Sure :)

L for Last Thing I Ate


Magic Power I Want To Have

being able to end hunger and extermination for once and for all!

N for Number Of Siblings


O for One Wish

finding my soulmate

P for Person Last Texted

my bestie

Q for Question You're Usually Asked

'can you help me?' Or 'where did you learn that?'

R for Reasons To Smile

because being happy is what makes the world a better place. Spread kindness, not hate.

S for Sexuality


T for Time To Sleep

usually between 9.45 and 10.30 pm, because I like waking up early.

U for Underwear Color

currently navy

V for Vacation Location

anywhere next to the beach or a big city like New York or Miami

W for Worst Habit

it is not a habit, but a mindset: Having the need to always have a plan. Like, really always!

X for X-Rays

around three times for my teeth and once for my arm

Y for Your Favorite Food

anything with potatoes! And beans and salad!
I just love veggies and fruit :)

Z for Zodiac Sign

true Scorpio!

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I hope you liked this fun tag!

XO, Zora
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