Hey beautiful thank you for clicking on this article<3 Let`s get started. There are way more series but I just like these.


Gossip Girl

blair waldorf, blake lively, and gossip girl image gossip girl, blair, and serena image


friends, Joey, and ross image friends, food, and Joey image

Pretty Little Liars

pretty little liars, pll, and aria image shh, tv show, and lucy hale image


riverdale, jughead, and betty cooper image Archie, Cheryl, and television image


suits image suits, weird, and friends image

Grace and Frankie

grace and frankie image series, netflix, and grace and frankie image

Jane The Virgin

jane the virgin, jane villanueva, and petra solano image Image removed

The Denver-Clan (love it so much)

dynasty image

On My Block
you need to watch it because of cesar<3

diego tinoco and sierra capri image on my block image ruby, jamal, and netflix image cesar, ruby, and jamal image