(Inspired by @pastelvaped)

1. Whats your name?
My name is Niamh ( pronounced neev)

2. What does your name mean?
Its irish and it means bright and raidiant.

3. Where are you from?
I am half irish and half english

4. Where do you live?

london, Big Ben, and england image london, city, and Dream image

5. Whats your favourite drink?
Rio and hot chocolate

chocolate, food, and drink image drink, lemon, and water image

6.whats your favourite food ?
Pasta / pasta bake

food and pasta image friends, food, and friendship image

7.favourite childhood memory ?
Going camping every year and going to the beach while we were there xx

nature, indie, and travel image ocean, beach, and palm trees image

8.do you have any pets ?
Yes, i have a cat and chickens

cat and home image Chicken, hen, and farm image

9. Describe what you look like ?
Im white and kinda pale, i have brown wavy/straight hair and i have hazel eyes

eyes, brown, and eye image hair, hairstyle, and brown image

10. How old Are you?
12 nearly 13

11. What is your star sign?

12. What languges do you speak ?
English is my first languge and im learning french at school

paris, city, and france image hello, photography, and bon jour image

13. Favourite artists ?

Drake , Cardi B, Mura Masa and more

Drake image gif image

14. Favorite song atm?
I have three , in my feelings : Drake , How did i get here : ODESZA , honeymoon : Rob curly

15. Descibe yor style ?

fashion, outfit, and girl image fashion, dress, and style image

16. Talents?

17. Favorite movies?
Shrek and Flushed away because their nostalgic
And also perks of being a wallflower

18. Bucketlist country ?

I want to visit most of Asia but mostly japan

mountains, japan, and nature image japan image

19. Siblings?
I have two older brothers

20. Favourite place to eat ?

Mc donalds and Nandos ❤️

food, fries, and burger image australia, Chicken, and chips image

This took me a long time .

Thanks for reading. Niamhxx