We are always in the struggle of having many passions, but not being sure of which one to choose. We are raised thinking that we can only be good at one thing only and that we should leave the rest behind.

But why?

I really do not know. I understand very well that money can be a limiting thing when it comes to achieving many careers, but we all have this one or many talents that seem to be natural in us, yet we ignore them.

Life happens and we seem to run out of time to do things that we really enjoy or that bring us happiness. It is important that we have a moment to ourselves just so we can think of what we really enjoy and make it happen.

Perhaps you enjoy doodling? Painting? Making really elaborate breakfasts? Putting makeup on or just taking your time to look and feel good about yourself? Whatever it is, make sure to take 2 or three hours a day, together or spread throughout the day, to do what you enjoy.

Sit down, make a schedule according to your job, studies or whatever you do in your day and choose a time to do that. Put all the necessary alarms, reminders and anything that you need to make yourself answer that call from the soul.

Do this for, at least, a month and you will see how it becomes a habit. Plus, you will notice that you feel better about yourself.

I hope you enjoy this read.

Until next time! xoxo

- Pam