this article is going to be about sticking to workout routines and/or diets. enjoy!

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✩ | create a routine & write it down

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whether you write it on a calendar, a sticky note, or make a journal of your process, this can be very beneficial to starting any routine. say you plan on going to the gym twice to three times a week. if you plan out a specific time to go each week, then you'll make it part of your routine.

✩ | tell your friends & family

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when you tell your peers about your new lifestyle, they can hold you accountable to it, making you less likely to break it.

✩ | treat yourself

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whether it's a clothing piece, flowers, or food, make sure you treat yourself every once-in-a-while.

✩ | start out slow

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don't start off with doing three miles sprinting and one hundred burpees, and so on. it will wear you out fast and make you hate going tot he gym. start out slow and build it up to a harder workout.

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