In the deepest of all forrests, in a land far far away, a child was born from within the earth. This child grew from the grass and had learned its language. The woods is everything to her. This nymph had the most lucious curly hair and her skin was the actual coloring of olive green. Her eyes could captivate the soul of a man and her voice could put a river to sleep. The wolfs howl in respect of her presence. Her name is Iris. Her mission in this trip through dimensions was to help this particular dimension find its balance. It's in an exact lining between destruction and victory, its spirit is highly dangerous.

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In a story meant to explain the tragedies of our reality- is Iris a character who becomes aware of the earth's current state. She's so sad, so angry and so anxious. Her entire potential is interrupted by her fears and anxieties. The earth is disappointed in her. She grew from the same roots that have grown for millions of years and she gives into the darkness. The age of aquarius makes it even harder to fight the darkness. This shift in the earth's natural instincts takes a whole nother turn and it doesn't happen without a fight. Iris gives into the energy of the humanitarian aquarius, but her nervous virgo rising reflects down her path of failure. She has ths enormous strength within her, but she feels like she's not ready to take on the world.

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She feels like she is nothing. That's why she always finds comfort in the depths of the forrest, where she could sing a sweet lullaby that echoes through it. All the creatures in the forrest sees their life in a bokeh effect before falling asleep. She makes them feel safe in a world so evil. She pushes this sad energy onto them- she can't help it. She feels lonely, although there's constant chaos around her all the time. All the other nymphs in the forrest care about her, but it doesn't faze her, as she doesn't care about herself.

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This is the part of the story that takes a turn. Iris has given herself a push- a push onto life. She always has these enormous expectations and wants life planned out- or she won't live, but she knows how unrational this is. She became friends with humans. They knew she was different, but they couldn't really put a finger on it. Her aura would cast an oblivious charm on anybody that wasn't a nymph, so that their secret would be kept. She learned language and adapted to it pretty well. But she also had her eyes opened to more of the reasons on why the earth was so sad. Humans don't love each other. She learned that there was more to the sadness than just the earth taking the punch from toxins. This was her calling- she felt like. Maybe this was what mother nature planned for her to discover all along?

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Thank you for reading if you've come this far, I had a lot of fun writing this and it was all for fun. Almost like a little story and a little foreshadowing to a story a little differently to this. I've been writing on it as if it's gonna be a whole published book, but I'm thinking about it. I'm probably not gonna finish it in the near future, as I'm a big procrastinator and a perfectionist. But If you're interested to get a taste of it one day, follow my wattpad MissJaqson ♥