Hello, hello, hello and welcome to another article! Summer is with us, so we have to fill our days with lots of activities. Therefore, I decided to make a bucket list which you can share it with your friends! They're summer activities but also things that you wouldn't think of doing it. They're not classic summer things, such as going to the beach etc. I mean that these are important and exciting too, however you have to do things that won't make you feel bored and usual to you. Let's get started!!...

Overcome a fear

It can be everything you're scared of!

Read at least 5 books at summer

Maybe adventure, drama, romance...

Make your own ice cream

What about chocolate, vanilla ?

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Collect seashells

I'm sure you love the beach....

Go to the cinema with your friends

See a thriller or a comedy!

Make new friends!

At least one!

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Go swimming at night!

In my opinion, it's even better that going in the morning...

Spend a whole day with your parents

We don't usually do it!

Organise a day ride with your friends

I'm sure you'll have a great time!

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Eat something that you don't really like..

If I were you, I would taste avocado.

Movie marathon

It's very exciting, believe me! Most of us have done this!

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Sleep in a tent.

Why not?

Organise a party!

It could be a latin party or a karaoke party. Whatever you like!

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Do something that you used to do it when you were younger.

It depends on you.

Take a day off!

Just do nothing! Go get some sleep!

Go fishing

You have to be very patient.

Listen to old but timeless songs.

It reminds you of a lot of memories.

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Play video-games.

They're part of life too.

Go shopping.

There's nothing better than shopping therapy with your friends.

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Dance in the rain.

There are some days that rain wants to be appeared at summer.
So romantic....

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That's it for today guyss!! Hope you liked it and I tried to give you ideas to fill your summer with. So, we realize that we can turn our summer into something really fun and exciting, if we have inspiration. Send me a postcard finishing this phrase SUMMER IS..... . I would be very grateful! Until next time..... SEE YAAAAAAA........

Summer vibes,