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I hope you´re having a great day :) Today I´ll be sharing the songs that were stuck in my head this week and for each one I will build an aesthetic board. My goal is to show you some music you might like, and sharing what each song make me feel.

Let´s start!

Buzzcut Season - Lorde

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The song talks about the bitterness of reality. How our truth is built by the media; it is about living in a nice place and being unaware of all the turmoil of war.

The title, “Buzzcut Season,” refers to the buzzcuts all military soldiers are required to have.

God is a Woman - Ariana Grande

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I think this song is all we needed. And the video is so meaningful and aesthetically beautiful, I don´t have words. I feel it will become (or it already is) an anthem of women empowerment, of self love awareness.

It broke all kinds of stereotypes and it is a masterpiece.

The Good Side - Troye Sivan

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This one is a clear breakup song, the rhythm is calm and melancholic, it transmits all the emotions you feel when your relationship falls apart, but he emphasizes that although he is sad and hurt, life goes on and he will always stay with the good side of love.

Eye in the Sky - Alan Parsons

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Another breakup song, a classic from the 80s, it talks about falling out of love, finding out your partner is cheating on you and realizing every lie that has been told.

Although it is about a breakup, it is definitely not a sad song, the rhythm is dynamic and I feel that the message of the song is "Now that I know everything, I´ve got the power, I know what your next move is", so I love how powerful it is.

Waiting for Love - Avicii

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I think this is the best avicii song, it is a youth anthem, the song states the different phases of a breakup, and how you always open to love again after healing, I love the lyrics, they are simple but so wise.


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