hi angels,
this is my first article so i thought it couldn't be more right to start off, trying to get to know me better.

s a r

hair + eyes

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blonde, girl, and hair image
i have medium-length brown hair and brown eyes


fashion image
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my style is casual, mostly black, white and neutral colors


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i am shy at first even if i love making new friends, i am very hardworking and i try to find beauty in every little thing


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pastel blue



tv shows

teen wolf + shadowhunters


the giver + divergent + the maze runner + paper town


looking for alaska + paper town + twilight + the alchemist


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ice cream, sushi and pizza


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coffee, drink, and food image
coffee in every form and water


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to be happy and to live my life in the best way i can


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photography, wonderlust, dancing and football