~ languages

⟡ japanese ⟡

book, flowers, and japanese image pink, japan, and train image

⟡ korean ⟡

aesthetic, beautiful, and books image fashion, beige, and clothes image

⟡ sindarin ⟡

elf and fantasy image aesthetic, flowers, and elf image

⟡ french ⟡

varanda and frança image paris, city, and travel image

⟡ greek ⟡

greek and white image aesthetic, statue, and art image

⟡ irish ⟡

aesthetic, architecture, and ireland image Image removed

~ body and mental health

⟡ meditate more often ⟡

Image removed breathe, quotes, and sky image

⟡ achieve my dream body ⟡

body, fitness, and goals image girl, body, and fitness image

~ school

⟡ be top of the class ⟡

study, school, and notes image school, notes, and study image

⟡ make friends at my new school ⟡

friendship, girl, and friends image summer, friends, and beach image

⟡ join the choir ⟡

aesthetic, music, and mic image music, notes, and vintage image

~ misc

⟡ watch all marvel movies ⟡

aesthetic, comics, and tumblr image Avengers and Marvel image

⟡ get better at the ukulele ⟡

flowers, guitar, and music image art, beautiful, and girl image

⟡ learn to play the piano ⟡

piano, music, and flowers image piano, music, and vintage image

⟡ take singing lessons ⟡

music, forever, and today image funny, music, and singing image

⟡ get better at reading tarot ⟡

aesthetic, astrology, and magic image witch, tarot, and witchcraft image

⟡ go to a twenty one pilots concert ⟡

twenty one pilots, tyler joseph, and josh dun image top, ukulele, and twenty one pilots image

⟡ meet my youtube faves ⟡

jacksepticeye image dan and phil, phil lester, and dan howell image