Hey guys ! Today I'm going to share with you my travel bucket list, it would be a dream if I was ever able to visit these places in person.
I hope you enjoy ! ♡


nature, travel, and green image nature, ocean, and travel image
One of my biggest dream it's to go on road trip to discover this wonderful county, indeed Iceland is a places where there is a lot of diversity and beauty.

New York

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New York is a such beautiful city, and I imagine myself in New York with my bestfriend and pretending to be Blair and Serena for a week.


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I'm obsess with the landscape of Canada, and especially of the city of Montreal because the peoples in this town seem to be so nice.


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I don't know but according to me London has a magic side (thanks to the lights, the flowers and the colors) which is really comforting.


Image by 𝑎𝑑𝑣𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑢𝑟𝑒 💫 bridge, california, and landscape image
I hope one day I could go in California with my friends and do a road trip from San Francisco to San Diego. I just want to enjoy the life in this state.

Nordic Countries

snow, nature, and norway image stockholm image
I love all the Nordic countries like Iceland, it's for what I want to admire the landscape and the Northern Lights of Norway and to visit the city of Stockholm in Sweden.


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The architecture of Prague has a lot of charm, that make this city really romantic and peaceful.


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Oh! Italy has a vintage side which I love, this made me want to walk around the different cities like Roma, Venezia, and Milano and of course eat a lot of pizza.


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Japan it's an another world with so much different things to see like Mount Fuji and the biggest city of the world, Tokyo, and Japanese culture is really different from occidental culture.


antartida, matialonsor, and argentina image chile, lake, and mountain image
This part of Argentina is amazing there is so much diversity of landscapes, I want to go here with only a backpack and just enjoying the nature.


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Australia seem to be a chill country where we can enjoy the beach, do some aquatic activities like surf, and see lovely kangaroo.

That's it guys ! Thanks for reading by the way sorry for my bad English because I’m a French girl :).
See you soon, xoxo ♡