It's been so long since I joined this website, though I really want to make new friends here and share interesting conversations.

So I thought about introducing myself, perhaps we have in common more than expected..

I'm a fangirl who spends a lot of time writing on blogs and tweeting about her favorite bands. I'm 17, next year I will be a senior yaaayyy :) *internalsobbing*

My interests are actually pretty diverse, but a good start is BOOKS ;
I love literature so much, the way people tell stories and inspire others through words is incredible to me.
I read different genres, different languages .. I just love a good book.
Give me your recommendations !!
( my fav place is an old bookstore filled with pretty amazing stuff)

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This should come like no brainer, reading books inspired me to start writing myself. I love making short stories, articles, texts about random thoughts..
btw I have a blog I would love if you checked it out and left a comment <3

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Again just another thing pretty similar to what's listed; LANGUAGES.
Learning a new language makes discover more about yourself, and others.. it's pretty cool and challenging, brings you closer to people from other countries. It's fantastic !!
My goal is to become a skilled polyglot, I only speak 5 languages until now and I'm not fluent in 2 of them. BUT I will do my best to improve.

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Also, I enjoy watching shows, series, movies and anime : I've seen a lot of them, I'm a huge fangirl tbh
They are my go-to when I want to relax and just a have a good time.
I love daring concepts, with a little of sarcasm.

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if you want to know more about me and my interests, we can chat online ... there is still a lot and I realized one article won't fit everything .