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For years now, I've been really into studyblr. If you don't know what thas is, it's very simple: beautiful schoolnotes.

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The problem is often that it takes a huge amount of time and often, you start adding doodles that have nothing to do with the subject or add extra unnecessary info, just to add that cute box, or to fill up that extra space.

So, why make studyblr? Many people ask me that. First of all, I'm a very creative person so I love doing it, it makes studying so much more fun. I also keep my notes for exams and tests in the future, so it's not wasted time. Thirdly, I find it way easier to study and remember things when it's in boxes, cute titles, pictures etc. It's personal, but I like doing it and I hope you do too.

So here are some tips and tricks on how to make your notes look very pretty, yet effective and not too time consuming.

1. Supplies

This is the most important step really. The right supplies go a very long way. These are some essentials you really need:

- blank paper: I just use printer paper. This is the most important supplies. Paper with lines won't have the same effect

- black/blue pen to write the main part of your notes. Preferably one that doesn't leak when you highlight

- highlighters I have the pastel highlighters from stabilo, which I really recommend!

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- colored markers: to write titles, color in pictures etc. You can also use your highlighters for this though

- corrector: You really need that Tipp-Ex for a flawless result. Preferably one that's not too yellow-ish.

- ruler: this is not absolutely necessary, but I use it every time when drawing, writing titles, boxes etc.

And then some extra supplies I use, but that are not necessary:
- sticky notes
- washi tape (not often though)
- scissors (to cut out images etc)

2. Handwriting

I know this is a difficult one, but a nice handwriting changes a lot. If you don't have one, practice all you can! If you put effort in it for a while, you'll have results for the rest of your life!

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Also, try practicing writing straight without lines, you'll need it when writing on blank paper.

If you have mastered a nice handwriting, next step: calligraphy. A very important step of nice notes is a nice header. I use either banners with text in, or special fonts like calligraphy and block letters. Pinterest and YouTube is full of videos to learn them and get ideas.

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3. Color scheme

This might sound stupid, but a color scheme is very important for notes. There are 2 options:

- Use one color for headers, of for subtitles, one for dates, one for important info etc. This is the one I use and it works for me. The other one is a little more aesthetically pleasing but this one is way more effective so I recommend this one.

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- Pick one color and use different shades of that color for your notes. This is very aesthetically pleasing, but less efficient. You can only highlight important parts, but you can't differentiate between dates, people etc.

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4. Space

Very short, but something many people forget. Leave space between your lines, images, titles etc. This will look much more neat and put together. It's also more pleasant to study, since one page has less info on it.

5. Summarize and abbreviate

The second last and very important tip. Summarize and abbreviate. Or at least summarize, I'm not a big fan op abbreviating myself. Work in sections, enumerations etc. This will really transform a text into a good summary. The word itself says it all. It's easier to remember and saves a lot of time.

#6. Images

This might take the most time, but it is the most crucial part in pretty notes. There are two ways to use images.

First: subject-related-images. I use this especially for biology. When I have to study parts of something, or a process, I always draw the picture from my book. Drawing it helps you study, and makes your notes look way prettier. Don't worry, if you're not much of a drawer, just scan and print the images in your syllabus and stick them on.

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Secondly, banners, boxes, doodles etc. These are fun to fill in empty space, link words to images, section off certain pieces of info etc. I don't use this that often but it's kinda fun.

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That was it! I hope you enjoyed this article and found it useful. If you did, please leave a heart and give me a follow.

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