she slowly escapes the pain she was trapped in
rises up like an eagle
soars above the rotting lies that once weighed her down
and lets go of her past

°Geaorgia Sophie

I know you are like me. I know you feel pain like me. I know you are confused like me. I know that you also feel love like me. But why do we have to choose this words, if it is okey? It's our choice.

we all know what a good relationship should be. Maybe we have different ideas about it. You can live far apart from each other, you can live next door. Like me you know, that does not matter. It's a matter what he makes you feel.
But we also know what an unhealthy relationship is. So many out there are stuck in love. When you see a future together, you share the same dreams, you see yourself marrying him in then years. But you can not see tomorrow.

Stuck in love
We accept the fact that we are stuck. You fight with each other. A lot, all over the same things. What we do not see is that we end up ending in a fight with ourselves.
We ask ourselves 'Do I ask to much of him? Is my importence just to little to talk about? Am I even that importent to him?'. Yes you are, he just does not realise it. You may try your hardest to explain, to work on each other.
- I tried, I saw a change. I was happy at the beginning. What I realased was that the change he made, was what he should be as my partner.-

Just right now, we can go on this way. But for how long can we go on?
Remember who you are, you are most importent. He is with you for that reason 'he says'. But be aware when you begin to doubt yourself, if you are even good enough. It is not you. Lissen to my words. Stay true to yourself, you are the only person who truely know who you are. You know what you are worth. Don't let him get into you, you are not the person that he sees in you. How you see yourself, that's the person you are.

Boys expect us to be angels in their life. But they forget that we can not live in hell.
- The only moment when it feels right, when we are alone in the evening, no one else in the room, nothing could feel wrong, right? It this moment we remember the love we have for each other. it feels good. That's when we are mistaken. we forget the stupid thing he did five minutes ago, we forget how he made us feel just one hour ago. We forget what it is supposed to be like.

I know I am better than this, so are you. Don't let anyone let you be someone that you are not. Show him who you are, show him what you can do. Don't have time for us? It does not matter, we have time, but not for you.

It is our time now
It is my time

Your girl,
Marie x