love at first sight, oh so romantic!

really; it's false.

to the people who genuinely believe they have encountered love at first sight, or to the people who just believe in it - i believe you are truly incorrect.

but, of course, this is my opinion!

when you first lock eyes with someone and you are utterly captured by their every move, where you are drawn to this person and it makes you feel some type of feeling.

do not mistaken yourself, for this is not love.
this is lust.

see, i believe love is entirely psychological, you can not fall in genuine love with someone you have just seen

can you?

i won't lie, i thought it was possible that it was real.

and i had an acquaintance, who whenever i looked at them, it was like a lightening suddenly struck. i thought maybe they could feel it to, but i never found out if they did.

but all i know, is there is no way this was love at first sight.

soon, this person became a very close friend, and the thought of me having any attraction to this person felt impossible

and then i had a very long time friend who after years, became something more, because i was attracted to their personality and it was truly mind over matter

this is when i knew the difference between lust and love - that 'love at first sight' is actually false.

you could argue with this statement due to your own personal experiences, but i do feel strongly about this theory!

but, of course, thank you for reading!

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