Hey guys, this is my first article! On WeHeartIt my name is Stevie, which is a nickname. I'm seventeen at the moment and exploring life, getting to know myself and discovering what I want to do after graduating from high school.

It's summer, the perfect moment to organise everything, make a change,.. For me, changing something is much easier in the summer than in the winter. I always feel better in the summer, you have the sun, the warmth and you feel good. The change I'm making at the moment is re-organising my life. In February, I'm going to be eighteen and a year from now I'll be graduated.

When I was young I hated change, I wanted everything to stay as it was. I was terrible at letting go and felt uncomfortable just thinking about it. But when you hold on so hard to something, it hurts much more when you need to let it go. I learned that the hard way. I still have trouble letting things go but now I know that when you let something go, there is space for new things, new people, new adventures, experiences, dreames,...

So in my first article I'm sharing my tips to make a change and letting go.

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Making a change is not that easy so start small. Start re-organising your books, your closet, your stuff for school,... And if you're ready you can start making a bigger change: re-organise your room, change your diet, try something new, meet somebody new, try a different sport,.. The most important thing to know about changing is that YOU are in charge! You can choose what you want to change and how much you want to change about it, don't ever forget that! That leads me to the second tip...

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I thought that when I would let go of something, I wouldn't control it any more. Oh, how I was wrong. When you're letting go but you don't want to and you don't accept it, then you'll lose control. But when you think about it, when you accept it (and I know that this is not easy!), then you'll actually feel more in control. Because YOU are making that change. You thought about it, maybe talked about it with someone and now YOU are changing it.

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Last but not least...
Don't make a change and then do nothing. When you change something, you can have a lot of emotions. When you change something small, like re-organising your books, you can feel happy when you find a book from your childhood or you can feel relieved because organising your books was a big step. But with a big change, you can be overwhelmed by emotions. An example: my room has always been the same and when I changed it, it felt weird, like it was not my room any more. That night I could not sleep, I felt uncomfortable,... So I changed it back. And then started with small things. Started to think about why I felt these emotions when I made these changes. I felt the change and sometimes it was hard, but afterwards I felt relieved, happy, in control. So when you change something, big or small, feel the change. Know that you are changing something.

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Why am I making this changes?
First of all, changing = living (you feel more alive when you change things, try new stuff, meet new people, travel, explore, discover,...).
Second, when I become eighteen I want to be myself, feel more like myself and know myself better. And I think the best way of getting to know yourself is by making changes.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed my first article.
Lots of love,