A - Age

16 and birthday image balloons, gucci, and chanel image
I am sixteen years old uwu

B - Best Feature

makeup, eyes, and eye image beautiful, black, and brown image
tbh i think my hair and my eyes are my best features

C - Colour

pink, sugar, and aesthetic image pink, pastel, and bag image
Pastel colours are my favourite especially pink!

D - Dream

travel image seoul image
my dream is to travel the world

E - Everyday Starts With

Image by Bailey ☼ aesthetic, cat ears, and earphones image
Most mornings start with twitter and some music

F - Favorite Show

coven, american horror story, and ahs image american horror story and ahs coven image
my fav show is american horror story

G - Greatest Accomplishment

aesthetic, dark, and alternative image china, wallpaper, and colors image
when i went to china

H - Height

anime, aesthetic, and soft image gif, cigarette, and anime image
im 5'7 uwu

I - In love with

bts, jungkook, and jhope image brandon, bright, and glasses image
i love BTS and photography

J - Job

bed, chair, and clean image backpack, hat, and tea image
i wanna work in something with buisness or admin

K - Kids

baby, cute, and flowers image Image by 🍒Вишнёвый рай🍒
I want one child and hopefully a girl.

L - Last thing I ate

food, healthy, and delicious image delicious, fitness, and food image

M - Magic Powers

alexis ren image angel, wings, and grunge image
I would want to fly as i could travel the world for free.

N - number of siblings

babies, baby, and boy image baby, boy, and music image
I have one little brother.

O - Outfits

asian girl, casual, and cloth image asian girl, casual, and cloth image
I dont really have a style but i love kfashion.

P - Passions

beach, camera, and flash image art, diary, and text image
I really love photography and journaling.

Q - Questions people ask you

believe, choose, and happiness image quotes, happiness, and pink image
"Are you really happy?"

R - Reasons to smile

Image removed quotes, friendship, and friends image
Jungkook and Online Friends.

S - Sexuality

lesbian, gay, and lgbt image couple image
Im Bi

T - Travel Recently

beautiful, city, and cars image city and skyscraper image
The only place i have been to recently is the city.

U - Underwear Colour

black, fears, and life image Image removed
Black uwu

V - Vacation

aesthetic, blossom, and cherry image aesthetic, buildings, and alternative image
I would love to go to Korea.

W - Worst Habit

biting, nails, and unhealthy image girl, grunge, and cigarette image
I bite my nails and smoke when im stressed/depressed

X - X-rays?

Mature image flowers, smile, and braces image
I had to have my wrist x-rayed and i had braces.

Y - Your favourite thing to do

bed sheet, cover, and iphone image dog, doggie, and walk image
Listening to music or walking my dog.

Z - Zodiac Sign

constellation, scorpio, and sign image background, black, and cover image
Im a scorpio

Thank you so much for reading this.

Love you all