a - age

hailey baldwin, 18, and birthday image cake, 18, and flowers image

b - best movie

Image by ✰✰✰JEWELSY✰✰✰ couple, jennifer garner, and kiss image Jennifer Aniston, adam sandler, and just go with it image beautiful, black, and boy image
I don't have a 'best movie' but movies I have recently enjoyed are American Pie, Catch and Release, Just Go With It and Definitely Maybe ( to name a few )

c - current time
11:58 am

d - drink you last had

arm, bottle, and plastic image aesthetic, water, and pink image

e - everyday starts with

girl, bed, and dog image quotes, grunge, and medicine image
waking u at 5:00am to have my medication

f - favorite song

Image by eve <3 blink 182 image crush, in love, and dreams image beautiful, bird, and text image
no fav, but lately I've been into: the band Sticky Fingers, 'Please Take Me Home' by Blink 183, 'Good Help (is so hard to find)' by Death Cab for Cutie, 'In Love' & 'Summer is Like a Dream' by Khai Dreams

g - grossest memory
can't think of one right now

h - height
I haven't actually measured myself in ages, however I am quite tall.

I - in love with
no one in particular, i don't obsess over anyone or anything

j - jealous

jealousy, love, and quotes image quotes, happiness, and life image boyfriend, jealous, and life image quotes, jealous, and life image
I am a reasonably jealous person, 95% of my jealously comes up in relationships. Which is incredibly toxic and every day i try to better myself & let it go. I am making progress and one day i hope jealously will be rare from within me (like it used to be). However i never take my jealously out on someone, or be rude to someone because i'm jealous. I keep it to myself.

k - killed someone
obviously not

l - last time you cried

yellow, quotes, and crying image Image by Porisu
not 100% sure, maybe last night or the day before

m - middle name

n- number of siblings
two, i have a younger brother and an older brother

o - one wish

sadness, quotes, and sad image free, girl, and happiness image
to be truly happy and peaceful

p - person you last called / texted

baby, grey, and family image giraffe, animal, and baby image
my mum

q - question you’re always asked
"can you please clean your room" - my mum
"are you and (my boyfriend) still together?" - people who don't go to my school
"why did you move schools" - people at my school
"how is your brother doing" - teachers

r - reasons to smile

dog, butterfly, and animal image sad, quotes, and hurt image
my amazing family who loves me no matter what, that I've finally found a great friend who actually supports me no matter what and that someone can care about me as much as my boyfriend does.

s - song you last sang

arctic monkeys, band, and grunge image arctic monkeys, music, and indie image
'Riot Van' by Artic Monkeys

t - time you woke up
it's holidays for me so 7:30am

u - underwear color
dark blue with black straps

v- vacation place(s)

beige, blue, and tan image aesthetic, la, and sunset image Image removed blue, Greece, and santorini image
i would love to visit parts of Australia, i live there currently but haven't explored it as much as i would like. Travelling overseas is a scary thought, if i do the first place i want to visit is Ireland. Maybe it would be cool to see Greece and parts of America but i don't mind if i never do.

w - worst habit

french, hand, and nail image nails, ring, and pink image
peeling my nails, i do this when i'm anxious and sometimes upset (which is often). It's sad because i would love nice nails and i feel insecure about mine, however bad habits are hard to break.

x - x-rays you’ve had

amazing, heart, and nice image photography, camera, and skull image
multiple x-rays of my teeth and i think my wrist once but i'm not sure.

y - your favorite food

pizza, food, and cheese image bread, photography, and food image
i love cheese, i am kind of picky with types of cheese although. I also love bread (that has gluten in it) however i am gluten free so i rarely have it

z - zodiac sign

gold image stars image