Dear me,

right now as you're writing this, you are cringing a little at the thought of what you'll say next, at putting these words out to the world and not just yourself. But I want you to take a deep breath and realize how far you've come, how brave you are, and how strong you have become.

black and white, tumblr, and broken image

You came from being a broken child, in a broken home, forced to be wiser beyond your years and more responsible than the adults around you, to a lonely self-hating teenager who was so intent on escaping your horrid reality, you almost disappeared altogether. I want you to remember babygirl, how much strength grew form that darkness, how much light now shines in all you do because you were a star in the black sky. You survived. You never gave up, you never stopped fighting. And later on, when your friend told you she felt ashamed of the abuse she had been put through in a relationship, you reminded her that she fought too, that looked him in the eyes and dared him to hurt her and that look, that fight, that strength got him to back down and leave her alone from then on; you reminded your dear friend that she could not have been weak in that moment because she did not give up, she did not let someone hurt her, just like she has always fought back no matter how scared she was, too. You have shared your strength and insight and love and laughter and warmth with so many good people, so many people who truly appreciated it and value you as a person, not an object or a thing or a burden. You found your way through the dark by being a light for people you loved.

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When you're father starting putting hands to your big sister, you kicked his ass so she could get away. When your mum wouldn't stop making all the good things in your life sound awful, you stood up tall and told her top shut her mouth and stop trying to make everyone as bitter as she is. When your sister proceeded to make you lock yourself in your room on your 16th birthday crying your eyes out and calling you stupid and pathetic, you cried as much as you needed to, then you walked up to her told her she could leave and never come back if she couldn't stop being a horrible b*tch to you. You did so many things that terrified you, stood up to all the bullies your life.

You faced death, my love... and more pain than most know in a lifetime by the time you were 18. You're not afraid of dying... you're afraid of never having lived... that's fair, I think. Makes sense to me.

You took along time to learn how to love yourself, and eventually found yourself in love with someone who makes it so uncomplicated to be you, to embrace yourself, and to love with all the passion and intensity you both deserve from a lover and partner.

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When you read this, beautiful girl, I want you to remember that You are strong and loved and special, talented, sexy, daring, brilliant, and worthy of all the great things you want and deserve. I hope you have a husband who makes you smile every day and shows you how unconditionally he loves you in the smallest of ways to make your heart sing; I hope you have a daughter of your own, so you can raise another powerful woman; I hope you have healthy relationships with your family, and with food. I hope that you know that no matter how dark things may be, you're always going to be able to find the light.

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