Hi! If you follow me, you probably already figured out that I like Teen Wolf, so I'm finally doing this challenge since I thought it would be kinda fun.

Name: Skylar McCall


hair, fashion, and girl image girl, beauty, and makeup image wolf, animal, and black and white image art, girls, and photography image
I would have followed Scott and Stiles into the woods on that night,and when Scott got bitten I would try to help him but instead I would get bitten too. I would be very sarcastic, but in a funny way. I would like to go to parties and listen to music.


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I would be the 1 year younger sister of Scott, and Stiles would be like a second brother to me.


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I would kinda be a badass, but a sweet one, but if you mess with me or my friends you're screwed.


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I could get along with everyone, but Lydia is my best friend. Derek and I would also get along very well, just like me and Liam.


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I would've had one relationship before, but that went horribly wrong. At first I would hate Theo because of the whole killing Scott thing, but after Scott would 'forgive' him, I slowly started to like him.


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Well that's gonna be it I guess, I hope you enjoyed!