we've been told all our life that we'll find the perfect match, our other half, our soulmate, with whom we'll spend the rest of our lives with.
we've been told to follow some standards, some rules, to know that it's a match.
we've bee told to leave some persons because they are toxic, because they don't meet society's expectations.
we've been told that one day you'll find your prince charming,
but.. we've never been told that relationships aren't fairy tales, it's all pink, rainbows and unicorns.
relationships, are the real life, they're not easy, and honestly the best ones are often the hard ones to keep. because the strongest ones are the ones that go through storms and get out stronger.
the best relationship, is the one that you don't give up on so easily, sure there's ones that you keep trying but it never works out, but these aren't a waste of time, these are a way to get you closer to what you really want, to finding the true relationship.