(While writing this journal entry, I was listening to Want Me by Puma Blue, please give it a listen while reading this. -With love, K)
07.11.18: 3:32AM
Some nights, while laying in the dark with only the moonlight streaming through the curtains, everything starts to blend together. Raw emotions begin to attack me, and they leave me not knowing what to do with myself. Sentimentality and Nostalgia somehow manages to creep up on me and hold me tight the way that you used to. There are nights that I completely forget about you, and nights that my mind races with you so much to the point that it’s unbearable. Curiosity gets the best of me and I wonder: Do you ever think about me anymore? Just like the way that I think about you? Have you found someone new to obsess over and love? Are you still out there, coping with heartbreak the way that I currently am?
There are nights that I wish that I could feel your arms wrapped around me like a warm blanket. But I get thrown back into reality the moment I realize what had happened between us and how cold you’ve left me. I wish that you still cared. I wish that I could see you again. I wish that I could laugh and smile with you again, and be able to feel the butterflies in my stomach again. But it’s come to a point that I believe we won’t be able to talk anymore. I miss you. But I really wish that that wasn’t the case.