Day 2 - Try some yoga

Honestly, I’m not much of a yoga person. I go to the occasional class, but it’s not really my speed. I prefer more dance-type workouts, such as zumba and this new thing in my town called barre! Barre is essentially a mix between pilates, yoga, dance, and functional training. If you have a barre center near you I would highly recommend going!

When I do practice some yoga moves on my own I usually stick to a few basic ones. I have some lower back pain, so I do try to stay away from particularly stressful moves! I will provide a post on different yoga moves for the more adventurous folks as well as describe what I typically do.

Downward dog - This is one of my go-to poses. It’s fairly simple, just plant your heels on the ground and your hands a few feet in front. Bend to form a triangle shape with the ground being the base (refer to picture). An instructor I once had recommended that I elongate my spine by pushing my hips back and towards the sky, even if I had to bend my knees to keep my heels on the ground. This pose always stretches out my back and feels fantastic!

Tree I & II- As someone with decently good balance, this pose “poses” a fun challenge (hehe). Balancing on one leg tends to be difficult, especially at first, but it gets easier with practice and focus! I typically focus on one spot in front of me, usually at eye level. “Grounding” myself also helps me, I just pretend I literally am the tree and I can do it!

Cat-Cow - This one does put a bit of strain on your back if you push too far. Please know your limits! For cat, you arch your back and then come back flat. For cow, you cave (?) your back inwards and then return to flat. I alternate the poses at a slowish tempo, usually to the beat of a song because I’m constantly listening to music, but most people don’t listen to much or any music during yoga!

Corpse - The literal best pose ever and anyone who says otherwise is lying. You literally lay on your back. That’s it. I usually take a nap here because after class I’m super relaxed and constantly tired anyway and we hold this pose for about 5-15 minutes anyway.

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“Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths” -Etty Hillesum