Lilac Azalea Evans

  • Meaning: flowering pale-purple shrub, flower

Astrology Sign

aquarius image
Aquarius (January 30, 1960)

Blood Type

Muggleborn (both parents are muggles)

Hogwarts House

ravenclaw, wisdom, and aesthetic image blue, feather, and aesthetic image spells, blue, and harry potter image harry potter, ravenclaw, and hogwarts image


Image removed hair, fashion, and red hair image beauty, ginger, and stunning image eyes, makeup, and freckles image
Long red wavy hair, skinny build, big brown eyes, freckles, 5'4


blue, aesthetic, and boy image fashion, skirt, and blue image blue, vintage, and sweater image boots, nice, and tall image
Other than Ravenclaw robes, denim, skirts, button-up sweaters, laced boots


books, business, and deep image quotes, adventure, and yes image albert, Albert Einstein, and entertainment image quotes and good image
Introverted, serious, curious, imaginative, intellectual, hard-working, sarcastic, amiable, philosophical, independent, adventurous, dreamer


harry potter, sirius black, and wormtail image
Same as the Marauders

Twin Sister

photoshoot and karen gillan image
Lily Evans


cat image
Ginger cat named Crookshanks (shared with her sister)


book, coffee, and autumn image theme and rp image azalea and flower image book, library, and vintage image
Writing, tea, azalea flowers, reading


harry potter, wand, and magic image ravenclaw, harry potter, and wand image
Vine wood with a unicorn hair core 10 1/4, swishy


cat, cat photography, and tortoiseshell cat image cat, tortie, and cats image
Tortoiseshell Cat


Image by Gino Pec harry potter, voldemort, and lord voldemort image
Death of the people she loves, Voldemort

Amortentia Smell

azalea and flowers image book, girls, and hair image coffee, nature, and tea image rain, wallpaper, and city image
Flowers, books, tea, rain


girl, wolf, and ginger image wolf and aesthetic image full moon image remus lupin, marauders, and andrew garfield image
Remus Lupin

Best Friends

model, imaan hammam, and beauty image australian, beauty, and fashion image pyper america smith and pink hair image art, drawing, and girls image
Nicollete Young (oc), Sage Sterling (oc), Cascade Fjord (oc)

Favorite Spells

harrypotter and accio image harry potter and spell image
Accio, Confundo

Favorite Classes

potion, harry potter, and hogwarts image harry potter, hogwarts, and transfiguration image harry potter image gif, astronomy, and stars image
Potions, Transfiguration, Charms, Astronomy


blue, harry potter, and study image book, vintage, and indie image
Loves to write. Writes about everything, like thoughts, feelings, love, and writes in many different ways, like through poetry, lyrics, and stories. Also loves reading and everything to do with literature.