Gade Johnson

Back story

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Gade born in June 3, 1971. ( her age is 13)
she is the daughter of the mayor of Hawkins, Indiana.
Gade is the popular girl in school, sometimes she is the mean girl.
  she is very smart and Beautiful.
Her parents do not give her attention and despite her big group of friends she feels very lonely.
Her first appearance was in season 2. When Will came back to school the principal
asked from Gade to help him make new friends. Gade and Will begin to be friends very fast, because he was different, and don't like all her other friends.
She start to talk to the boys when she understands that something wrong with Will and he see Unnatural thing. The boys do not like her at first because she bullied them, but then they become best friends. Especially with eleven.


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brown eyes and long hair, small freckles, tan skin.


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skirts, crop tops, mom jeans.


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Dustin always had a crush on Gade and she started to like him when they become very close. They kissed in the Snow Ball.


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Gade is a smart girl. she is the queen of the school but sometimes she feels very alone. she put a lots of "masks" and hide her feelings. she is very neat and polite. sometimes the mean girl.


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singing, acrobatics and reading.