hi! I'm starting to think that every single one of my articles is dominated by one feeling or mood that guides the whole theme, today the lucky one is fear, such a common thing to experience, am I right? , at least for me it's extremely usual and this time it comes with the fear of falling again.

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I love making articles about self-love and empowerment because I love how they can help people and inspire them to be a little bit better every day, the little issue comes when you are inspired and you think you have things in control again but you suddenly have a bad day or something go wrong and you feel like you have failed.

But what is fail more than a thing that we create ourselves to feel bad?. I think those are the moments when you need to be more focused and in peace with yourself to finally understand that you don't have to be perfect and happy all the time, that you can have bad days and all the effort you made to have a healthy and stable life will still matter.

That even if you thought that everything will be perfect after recovering it will not be like that and that's okay because your efforts are still necessary and important.

I need to be more positive and not let a bad thing or bad days brake me so easily.
So this summer proyect is to focus more on the positive things life has and continue improving my life.

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