Hi today i'm going to talk abut me if i was a character in Rievrdale

My story

I'm Grace Satroik and I was born in Riverdale, my mom is rush and now she turn back in Russian. I live only with my dad but i don't have a good relationship cause her new girlfriend which is 5 years older than me. We live in the northside but i used to stay in the southside. I'm not a really friendly person i prefer stay alone with music and drawing something.

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my body

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my social life

I'm not a social person i prefer music to people but i have an inner circle of friends where i can be myself and where i like to talk, most of this people are from the serpents but are also two vixens. I used to be a vixens until i broke my leg and decide to stop. I always wear black clothes and a purple jacket. I used to cover my self harm with bracelet. i also wear big ring or necklace. Often people think i'm a kind of punk girl but no I'm not, I'm only really shy and to hide this i act like a rude person.

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My friends

The person i really trust is Toni, she was there for me when i was break and we like to chat about the girls and the music. I like also Betty even if we don't really talk too much, it really different from me but it's that kind of person that have something in common with you even if you don't know what.

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I never talk to Jughead even if he is a serpent, but i never had a reason to talk to him. When i know better Tony she introduce to him but and we began friends since the first moment, maybe cause we like the same books. He's a good friend and i hope to continue that.

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My love

My first crush was for Toni and we also hang out for some time, but i think to was something more sexual, I like the fact that we are still friends. My crush now is Chuck but i know is never going to look at a girl like me.

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My dark secret

One night i was out late and drunk and i met Hiram lodge, that night he took to his house in the mountain and we had a night full of passion

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