So I am doing a back to school series with @ayahfarhat and here is her article :

So I know this might be a little early for a back to school article but I am sure there are people who go back a little early.

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Essential #1~ Earphones~ So I feel like you should have earphones at all times of the day especially during a school day. Honestly at school, I hate hearing people talk but the main reason is because sometimes the teacher will let you listen to music while you work.
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Essential #2 ~ Hand sanitizer ~ I highly recommend hand sanitizer because I like knowing that my hands are clean, but I understand why some people don't really like hand sanitizer.
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Essential #3 ~ Lotion and Body spray ~ This is probably one of the most important on this list. I recommend this because this will keep you smelling good at school, and because let's say you are running late and you forget to put lotion on, you will have lotion already in your bag.
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Essential #4 ~ Feminine product(Pads) ~ I suggest you pack this in your backpack or where ever you put your stuff because there have been times where I went to school and I got my period throughout the day(Tmi I know but this needed to be on the list). I personally wouldn't feel comfortable with going to the nurse to ask for one.
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Essential #5 ~ Tracker app~ Since we are on the topic you might as well get you a period tracker. This will help you be prepared for when you get your period.
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Essential #6 ~ Makeup wipes ~ If you wear makeup to school I recommend this because anything could happen and you might mess up your makeup. Sure you could always fix your makeup if you bring it to school but if you don't feel like redoing your whole face I recommend this.
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Essential #7 ~ Water bottle ~ I can not stress enough about how I hate drinking from the water fountain at school. So I always bring my own water bottle.
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Essential #8 ~ Lip moisturizer ~ I am guilty of licking my lips which is really bad for you, I think mostly because your saliva has digestive enzymes. Anyways you need to keep this in your bag.
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#9 ~ Deodorant ~ You guys already know why you need this.
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#10 ~ Gum ~ This is one thing I try to keep in my bad 24/7 because I hate when I get done eating lunch and my breath smell. So I like to just pop in a piece of gum after lunch.
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BONUS: Also Pack pain relievers because throughout the day I sometimes get head aches and because when its that time of the month craps are no joke. I suggest this because I don't have time trying to go all the way to the nurse to get some pain pills.

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