Hey! I think I'm going to stray away from tags and challenges for now.

Creep by Patrick Kack-Brice

Dude. This movie shook me to my core and kept me on edge and uncomfortable the entire time, which is the point of the movie. The story producer, Mark Duplass, actually stars in the film as the "creep."

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Mark Duplass was also in the amazing film "The Lazarus Effect."

The Den by Zachary Donahue

While unnecessarily inappropriate at times, this movie was definitely terrifying. It's something that feels like it could happen, and the website that brings Elizabeth hell is definitely based off of Omegle.

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The Invitation by Karyn Kusama

If you ever get paranoid, this one's for you. Full of dark turns and suspicious people, not only does this one have good actors and (some) smart characters, it has a good plot too.

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Hush by Mike Flannagan

A jaw-dropping movie! The main character in this movie is smart and practical, but is also DEAF. A man breaks into her house and let's just say, things get interesting.

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13 Cameras by Victor Zarcoff

Ew. This movie made me feel things - it gave me goosebumps from beginning to end. Once again, it's a movie that feels like it could be real, and it feels like it's happened already.

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Well, that's my top five! Hope you enjoyed!