So in a few days I´ll be heading to the Netherlands to stay there two weeks with my family. I guess that I´ll spent most of the time at the beach since our house is dicrectly behind the sand dunes.
In this article I´ll list all the things that I think are important to bring to the beach
(I´m pretty sure I´ll be heading back to our house multiple times a day because I forgot something anyway :)

beach bag

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I guess it´s obvious to bring a bag so cou can put all your suff inside. But it can help protecting your things from the sun, too.

beach towel

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I like bringing two towels to the beach: a small one to dry myself when coming out the water and a big one to lay down on and chill.


It´s a common opinion that you don´t tan when you wear sunblocker. But 1. it´s really important to do so because to much UV-light can cause diseases and 2. you tan even when wearing sunblocker, simply without all the hurting sunburn stuff.


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Sunglasses look really great, they protect your eyes and you can check out cute boys without them noticing. But don´t forget to take your sunglasses off befor sleeping at the beach because you´ll get strange looking tanlines in your face.


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I always bring a second bikini and shirt so I don´t have to spend the whole day in wet clothes, especially when the sun sets or the wind gets breezy wet clothing feels pretty uncomfortable. Also you can bring a hat because when you spend the day in the sun you can easily get a heatstoke what can be pretty dangerous. A hairbrush can be useful, too.

water & a snack

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It´s really important to stay hydrated, especially on a hot beachday. So don´t forget to bring a bottel of water since the shops near the beach are pretty expensive. And it´s always nice to have a snack with you.


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So I know that not everyone likes reading but I think that books are perfect to bring to the beach because I won´t get bored while lying in the sun and get tanned.


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Whether you bring a music box (I guess this makes sense if you´re lots of people) or you use your earphones, everything´s more chill with music.


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I guess we all take our phone to the beach but bringing (a cheap) camera has lots of advantages, too. No one will steal it (probably), it´s less bad if it gets wet or full of sand and you even can get a waterproof one for cheap.

paper & pencil

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Simply because suddenly there´s an idea in my head and I won´t keep it until I´m home again to write it down so it´s better to do it in the moment it appears in my head.

ball, frisbee, ...

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It´s summer, you´re at the beach, there are probably lots of hot boys so grab your chance and show off your perfect body while making new friends. And what´s a better way to meet new people than playing ball at the beach? Well, or use it with your siblings if you're antisocial like me and you can't find new friends.

your phone

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So I don´t spend much time on my phone when I´m at the beach but I take it with me anway, simply to listen to music and to stay in contact with my parents if they want to go on a trip or take a nap or so on. I also bring a power bank so my phone will function the whole day.
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