i could be a lot like you. i could be so different to you. if you're anything like me, you could be feeling lost, confused. why are we here? to save quotes that make say what we can't to use for instagram captions so we can keep the reputation of the person with the amazing deep captions? to download aesthetically pleasing photos of food, or scenery, or landscapes, or outfits and think "that'll be one day. i'll be able to be this, do this, see this, eat this, look like this." i'm scared i'm going to waste my youth trying to live up to things, trying to find who i am, trying to get good grades, trying to reach my goal of who i want to be, trying to find that perfect filter that matches all my photos, trying to reach a certain amount of followers. because that's all that life is about these days.
i'm going to start living more. i'm going to wake up early to see the sunrise and stay awake until the sunsets. the next day, i'll sleep in and catch a train to wherever i want to go. i'm going to start catching up with friends i haven't seen in years and going to places i wouldn't usually go. i'm going to go out of my comfort zone. i won't focus on projecting myself out into the world of social media because i don't yet know who i really am, but i know, as long as i'm living, i am creating this person who i will ultimately become, and then, i will know who i am.

let's face it, it's not like i wont care about how people see me, social hierarchy will affect me as much as always, but i won't be someone i'm not just to impress someone because is it really going to matter if they liked me or not in five years? is that post they tagged me in going to affect the rest of my life? i don't think so.
i'm going to be grateful for what i have and strive to become a kinder person with a more pure soul. i know who i want to be and i will shape myself with new experiences to become a down to earth person who people can confide in.
i, maybe you as well, want to be the person that people look up to because of my maturity, how i see the good in things and my personality traits of kindness, empathy and humility.
it's never to late to start being who you want to be.

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