• Your all-time favorite tv show:
teen wolf, wallpaper, and teenwolf image teen wolf, tyler posey, and dylan o'brien image
Teen Wolf was the first tv series I watched and it is my favorite
  • Favorite character:
teen wolf, malia tate, and malia hale image teen wolf image
Malia Hale from Teen Wolf - I like her she is so brave and lovely
  • TV show that you thought you wouldn't like but ended up liking it:
reign image reign, bash, and mary image
Reign - I usually don't like historical tv shows or movies but when I started to watch Reign I couldn't stop watching it
  • Least favorite character:
Elizabeth and reign image Elizabeth, Queen, and reign image
Elizabeth from Reign - I hate her
  • Biggest crush from a TV show:
dean, supernatural, and winchester image supernatural, dean winchester, and Jensen Ackles image
Dean Winchester from Supernatural - I love him
  • TV show with the best soundtrack:
Image by Bianca Bia teen wolf, stiles, and tyler posey image
Teen Wolf - I like all of songs from this series
  • TV show that you have abandoned:
Image by Bianca Bia Image by drenusha_kosova
The Secret Circle - I started to watch it and I like it but after a couple of episodes I got bored and I stopped to watch
  • Favorite couple:
Image by Bianca Bia delena, tvd, and the vampire diaries image
Demon and Elena from The Vampire Diaries - they are so cute and beautiful together
  • A scene that made you cry:
stefan salvatore, tvd, and the vampire diaries image the vampire diaries, ian somerhalder, and paul wesley image
Stefan death from The Vampire Diaries - That was the saddest scene
  • What TV show you are currently watching?
The Originals image Image by Bianca Bia
The Originals
  • A character from a TV show that you would like to play:
character, edit, and fandom image spn, supernatural, and claire novak image
Claire Novak from Supernatural - I like her she is strong and she never give up
  • A TV show that you thought you would like but you didn't:
beauty and the beast image beauty and the beast image
The beauty and the beast - This is my kind of tv series with action and crime but I don't like
  • Best opening:
alpha, tyler posey, and scott mccall image
Teen Wolf has definitely the best oppening
  • Series you'd like to be on:
show, netflix, and teen image article and riverdale image
Riverdale - I'd like to be in Riverdale because it's an interesting series has a lot of drama and events. I thing I would never bored if I be in Riverdale
  • Most rewatched show:
teen wolf and dylan o'brien image teen wolf image
Teen Wolf
  • Underrated show:
reign image mary queen of scots, queen of france, and scotland image
Reign - It's a beautiful show with history,romance and drama. Reign should be more appreciate because it worth it.
  • TV show that everyone likes but you don't:
Image by follow.dreamer Image by follow.dreamer
13 Reasons Why - I don't understand why everyone are watching this I don't like the idea of this series
  • TV show that you need to see:
Image by Bianca Bia Image by Bianca Bia
The 100 - I certainly have to see it
  • Favorite ship:
teen wolf image teen wolf, shelley hennig, and stiles stilinski image
Malia and Stiles from Teen Wolf - I hoped they remain together but they didn't unfortunately
  • A character you want to be alive:
supernatural, crowley, and king of hell image crowley and supernatural image
Crowley from Supernatural - I liked him very much and he doesn't deserve to die