so im 18 years old and 7 months right now and i have 1 sister who is 12 and 3 brothers one 10 one who is 9 and the youngest is 5, and heres a little something i wrote for them a while ago and i thought id share for those of you who are the eldest sibling with younger ones or those who are younger and are wondering what an elder sibling thinks. theres arnt my photos either just some pics of random siblings :)

I've been a big sister for 12 years & 7 months now, and I cannot possibly imagine life without my younger siblings (even if i wish i was still an only child sometimes). Like any normal sibling relationship, my siblings and I have had our moments -- yelling matches, fighting over clothes and toys, among other disputes -- but I wouldn't trade even the less-than-stellar moments we've shared for anything in this world.

Dearest (little) siblings,

If you didn't already know, I adore you. You guys are the best friends I will never lose, and lifelong companions through thick and thin. Though we've definitely had our bad days, I couldn't possibly imagine life without you. You guys drive me crazy; you push my buttons and test my patience in ways I didn't know were possible -- but you make me stronger because of it.

I will always be there if you need me. I don't expect you to be constantly keeping me updated on the little things, but please know that I will always be here to listen to your joys as well as your concerns whenever you need me.

If nothing else, I want you guys to know that I love you, I can’t remember the last time I said those exact words out loud because our love for one another is shown through jokes and name-calling, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Being the oldest can be scary sometimes, especially being the first one to go through major life changes like going to college, but I hope that you can always look to me for advice and support as you start going through the same things. That is the biggest blessing of being an older sibling in general -- being able to watch you guys grow and being able to help you through portions of that process is the best part of my job as your older sibling. You are irreplaceable, and you make me a better person by making me want to set a good example for your life through my actions.

My younger siblings are my ride-or-dies, my go-to people to cheer me up, and the most annoying people I know, but I love them anyway.

Even though we have a slight back and forth relationship that toes the line between name-calling, stealing each other’s clothes, telling on one another, and unconditional love, all five of us have an inseparable bond that no one could ever break.

Thank you for looking up to me, and letting me look up to you (even if your all way younger then me). No matter how much older siblings want to deny it, we value our younger siblings input and advice way more than we think we do.

Once again i have much love for every single one of you and i thank you very much for being the laugher i get everyday.


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